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Our Process

Syrup is poured

Our corn syrup is heated to 290 degrees and poured on a metal slab to cool down quickly.

Candymaking begins

We then use different tools to work the cooling syrup into a manageable state.

It's still hot!

It's cooling gradually, but it's still quite hot so we have to be careful.

Pulling the candy and adding flavor

The amber colored candy has flavor added and is stretched repeatedly by an antique candy puller. This is what makes it white!

Adding color...

We add different colors to the cooling candy and knead it like dough (yes, it's still rather hot).

Spinning the colored candy.

We use the same machine with a different technique to create the colored stripes.

The stripes are fit together.

Depending on what we are making, we put the colors together in a row.

Stripes are rolled up into one.

We then carefully roll up the stripes into one large piece.

The candy is turned until it starts to swirl.

Then, we move large pieces to a roller, which smooths and twirls the stripes.

Hand pulling candy "rope."

From the roller, we begin to pull an even amount away and shape it to our one-of-a-kind candies.

Wrapping a peppermint candy tree.

Using a mold, we wrap the candy rope around to form a tree.

Rolling candy into a circle.

Spinning the rope around on a flat surface makes a circle.

Giant lollipops!

Extra candy is rolled this way into lollipops for the neighborhood kids and charities.

Baskets — making the bottom.

Like making lollipops, we roll the candy into a circle first.

Baskets — giving them shape.

We place the basket on a mason jar and shape it carefully.

Baskets — Almost done!

After we make a batch and they cool, we remove them from the mason jars and get ready for the next step.

Baskets — Braiding the handle.

Three ropes are braided together to make the handle.

They're done!

Ready to be wrapped and shipped to our customers.